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Satcom Video feed for UAV’s and Special Mission flying BLOS or BVLOS


AirSatOne, a satellite communications provider, and AnsuR, a technical innovations company, announced today that AirSatOne has become a reseller and technical support provider for AnsuR’s RAIDO

AirSatOne announces enhanced version of Flightstream™ SA.


With the latest enhanced version of Flightstream™ SA, AirSatOne is the first aviation Satcom provider to offer HTTPS web filtering. With the new version of...

AirSatOne releases 2017 SwiftBroadband Airtime Price Guides with lower rates.



Announcement from AirSatOne for Aero I and Aero M


 End of life for Inmarsat Aero-M (Aero Mini-M) and Inmarsat Aero I and their upgrade path.


AirSatOne Certifies Wi-Fi Calling for Business Jets


FlightStream™ products support on-board smartphone voice and text.


AirSatOne has certified its network for compatibility with Wi-Fi Calling, a new feature now offered by all major U.S., and ...

AirSatOne and Overlook partner for FANS 1/A testing.



November 17, 2015

Today at the NBAA convention in Las Vegas, NV AirSatOne announced their exclusive partnership with Overlook Consulting to provide Datalink and FANS 1/A testing to Airframe OEM’s, MRO’s and aircraft operato...

Wi-Fi Calling On Board Satcom Connected Business Jets.



Passengers and flight crew using AT&T as their carrier can now use their smart phones in flight to send and receive phone calls and text messages just like they do on the ground – using the same dial pad and phone book. The aircraft needs to be equipp...

Global Express Satcom Service – Satellite News



Inmarsat’s I-5 F3 satellite (which will cover the Pacific Ocean Region) is scheduled for launch at the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan on Friday, 8/28. The F3 satellite will complete the Global Express constellation which will...

AirSatOne Certifies RingCentral for Worldwide Communication



AirSatOne Certifies RingCentral for Worldwide Communication

RingCentral and FlightStream SA enable uninterrupted, low-cost communication


Today AirSatOne certified RingCentral’s communication application...

AirSatOne Earns Veteran-Owned Small Business (VOSB) Certification


4/16/2015 The Department of Veterans Affairs, Washington, D.C. has awarded AirSatOne, LLC Veteran-Owned Small Business status. As part of the broader process for becoming a verified Veteran-owned small business (VOSB), AirSatOne has also been added to the Veteran business dat...

AirSatOne announced lower rates for SwiftBroadband.


AirSatOne announced lower ...

AirSatOne LLC Raises The Bar with FlightStream SA for SatCom.






AirSatOne launches upgraded Flightstream AOC


Aviation SatCom service provider AirSatOne added features to its popular Flightstream AOC AvSat router to include a totally wireless interface to existing Wi-Fi systems. The new feature allows the Flightstream AOC to be installed and functional in less than an hour. Since the device is classif...

AirSatOne Launches Flightstream EXP Service


AirSatOne announced the launch of Flightstream EXP which provides internet acceleration, compression and optimization for business jet operators using the EMS Technologies CNX-200 or the Honeywell CG-710 cabin network accelerators. Flightstream EXP increases effective bandwidth up to 400% resu...

AirSatOne Optimizes SatCom with Flightstream AOC


AirSatOne introduces the Flightstream AOC aviation SatCom Optimizer & Hotspot billing solution to the aviation market.

The portable Flightstream AOC is a product designed to enhance aircraft SatCom internet systems by giving the user an overall f...

AirSatOne announces the opening of their new office


AirSatOne, an aircraft satellite communications airtime provider, announced the opening of their new office at the Spirit of Saint Louis Airport (SUS) in Chesterfield Missouri.

“Our new office located at the SUS airport is at a prime location f...

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