Instructions on how to activate a satcom airtime account

Satcom Activation Overview - AirSatOne

How to activate an airtime account.

By phone or email:

If you would like to start an account with AirSatOne the easiest way is to contact us by email at, by phone at 800-497-1750 or 302-327-9999.

AirSatOne will need your SIM number and information about the hardware - our activation specialists will ask questions to get the necessary information. If this is a new install please provide contact information for the install facility and we will work with them to collect the necessary information. Activation can take as little as 2 hours however, to be safe, we recommend allowing 24 hours in case there are any issues.

Through our on-line portal:

Starting the activation process is easy. All you have to do is click the activation tab on the our website's top tab menu to get started.

This will bring you to a registration page where we will ask you to give us just a few brief details about youself and your company (if applicable).

In order to get the account activated enter your contact information. It is recommended that the person initially setting up the account is the person responsible/authorized to approve and issue payment for airtime services as the on line form will ask for a credit card number which will be used for billing purposes.

Once your done filling out the details of the registration page, submit the registration and check your email for a verification email. Click the link in your email and you should recieve a message stating you can login.

Login to your account

Use the login screen presented to you upon e-mail verification of your account, to login to your newly created account.

Once logged in you will be presented with your account dashboard.

Your account dashboard is a central place where the account owner can manage his account. Here you have access to the following options:

  • My Account
  • My Aircraft
  • My Plans
  • My Hardware
  • My Users
  • My Contact Info
  • My Invoices
  • Support Tickets
  • ASO Smart Call - (coming soon)
  • ASO Worldtrack - (coming soon)

However before having direct access to may of these options, you first must complete the acitvation path.

The activation path requires detailed information about your aircraft and the satellite commuication hardware installed on the aircraft.

It is understandable that the Account Administrator may not know all of this information so we have built in the ability to issue User Accounts that allow the personnel with the most knowledge of that particular section to have access to that section only.

For example the Installation Facility can be issued a User Account which would allow that user to enter detailed information such as equipment type, part numbers, antennas and system configuration. It is recommended that the Administrator have the correct contact information including an email address of the person(s) that will be allowed access to that section - the system will automatically generate and email inviting the person to log on and complete the section.

To start the activation processes, select the first option, "Add Addresses" on the activation scroller.

Activation Path

Adding Contact Info

In order to activate your service we are going to need the various contact information for the entities that we will be dealing with regarding the activation of service on your account. This contact information will allow us to better serve you in the activation process.

You can provide us with this information by click each tab and providing the following addresses.

  • Billing
  • Accounts Payable
  • Chief Pilot
  • Maintenance
  • Installer

You should be aware that you can get help at anytime by utilizing an option in the activation help module to the right.

You can also check the progress of the activation process or go back to change or edit any step of the process at anytime by utilizing the the activation path module, also to the right.

Once you have entered all the contact information for a given address the tab will get a green check mark. When all tabs have a green check mark proceed the the confirm tab to submit the addresses.

Adding Aircraft

The next step of the activation process is to tell AirSatOne about the aircraft you would like to add service to.

To do this we will need the following information about the aircraft

  • Name (unique identifier)
  • Aircraft Make
  • Aircraft Model
  • Serial Number
  • Registration Number
  • ICAO Number
  • Aircraft Image (optional)

You can add as many aircraft as you'd at the same time by selecting the "Add More Aircraft" button and an additional aircraft form will load on the page.

Once you are done adding aircraft, select the "Save your Aircraft" button and your aircraft will be saved and you will be transfered to the Hardware Selection section of the activation process.

Select Aircraft for Hardware Selection

You will now be directed to the aircraft/hardware selection page. You see the aircraft you just added to your account in the main content area.

Now that we know about the aircraft that you want to add service to, we need to know about the type of hardware you have installed on on the aircraft. This along with how your particular hardware is configured will allow our system to determine the type of service plans we can offer you.

Select the aircraft you would like to add hardware to by pressing that aircraft's select button.

You will be directed to a form to tell us about the transceivers and antennas you have on that aircraft

Select Hardware for Aircraft

In this section of the activation process you need tell us about the hardware you have on the aircraft you selected.

Select the transceiver manufacturer and model that you have on the aircraft. If you have more than one transceiever then select the "Add a Transceiver" button and another transceiver form will be added to the page.

Then select an antenna by selecting a manufacturer and model of antenna that you have on the aircraft. If you have more than one antenna then select the "Add an Antenna" button and another antenna form will be added to the page.

When your done adding all transceievers and antennas then submit the form and the hardware to selected will be added to the aircraft.

Select Hardware for Configuration

Once you add hardware to your first aircraft, you will be taken to the "Select Hardware for Configuration" screen.

From here you'll have two options, you can select the "Add more Hardware" button, which will take you back to the "Select Aircraft for Hardware" page. Alternatively you can select the "Configure" button on the transceiever you'd like to configure.

Again, the process of configuring your hardware will allow our system to determine to type of services we can offer you based on what your hardware is configuraed to do.

When you are finished adding all the hardware to your aircraft. press the "Configure" button.

Configure Hardware

On the Configure Hardware page, you will tell AirSatOne about the channels on you aircraft transceiever and how those channels are setup.

You'll need to provide us with the following information for each channel of your hardware

  • IMEI/IMSI Number
  • Handset Location (if applicable)
  • Antenna (attached to)
  • Existing phone number (optional)
  • Any Extra Channel Options
  • Channel Configurations

The Channel Configuration is important and at least one option should be selected if that channel is active on your transceiever. The checkboxes you select here will let us know what what your hardware is setup for and what service plans we can offer you.

Once your done configuring the hardware channels, press the "Submit Configuration" button

Select Aircraft for Service Plan

Once you configure your first piece of hardware aircraft, you will be taken to the "Select Aircraft for Service Plan" screen.

From here you'll have two options, you can select the "Configure Additional Hardware" button, which will take you back to the "Select Hardware for Configuration" page. Alternatively you can select the "Select" button on the aircraft you'd like to add a service plan to.

When you are finished configuring all the hardware to your aircraft. Press the "Select" button on an aircraft to choose plans for that aircraft.

Select Service Plans for Aircraft

Once you select the aircraft you would like add a service plan to, you will be presented will a selection of packages which your aircraft hardware supports based on your prvious entries.

Each package includes a large selection of plans to suit your particular airtime needs. We pride ourselves with having the widest plan selection in the industry, giving our customers the freedom to choose the airtime plan that best suit their needs.

You can select only one plan per package, per aircraft.

If at anytime you'd like to select a different aircraft to add a plan to please select the "Select a different aircraft" button at the top of the page.

To select a plan just click the add button and you will be directed to a the plans detail page and will be able to customize the plan if custom options are available.

Customizing/Confirming your plan

Once you select a plan you'll be able to review the plan on the "Customize/Review Plan" page.

Here you be able to see the total estimated cost breakdown of the plan as well a detailed description of what is included with the plan.

If the plan you selected is customizable, you'll be able to add extra options to the plan by checking the option checkboxes. If you want detail about the option select the option label and a popup window will display the plan details.

If you accept the details of the plan and would like to at the service to your aircraft, select the "Accept Plan" button at the bottom of the page and plan will be added to aircraft for final review. You also be directed back to "Select Plans for Aircraft" page to review your selection and add additional plans.

Select all plans for all aircraft.

You can continue to select different plans for you aircraft by repeating the last two steps.

Remember you can switch to another aircraft to add service to by selecting the "Select a different aircraft" button at the top of the page.

If you would like to change to a new plan in the same package get select the new plan and the old one will be deleted. Alternatively, if you'd like simply remove a plan that has been selected for an aircraft just hit the red x icon next in the plan actions.

If you'd like to change a plan, simply click the gear icon in the plan actions.

If you would like to change to a new plan in the same package get select the new plan and the old one will be deleted.

Once you have all the plans selected for all the aircraft you need to slect plans for, select the "Continue" button at the top of the page to proceed to the "Review Plan Selection" page.

Review your plan selection

This part is easy.

Make sure all the plans you select are on this page. Also make sure that you have select all the plans that you need at the present.

If everything is not just right, select the "Add more plans" button to go back and add/revise your plan selection.

Press the Proceed to Billing button when you have finished reviewing your plans

Billing setup.

You can be billed in two different ways. You can have your bill automatically charged to a credit card each month, or we can send you an invoice each month with a NET 30 payment schedule.

In either case we will need a credit card on file for delinquent payments as set forth in our terms of service, however we will not charge your credit card unless those terms are violated.

AirSatOne also requires a deposit of up to one month of the estimated plan usage. AirSatOne will contact you regarding this deposit.

Once you are done filling out your billing information, select the "Save Billing Information" button to save your information and proceed to plan confirmation. This is the last step of the activation process.

Plan activation.


You've made it to the end of the initial activation process.

Now you just need you to double check you plan selection. Once this is complete, review our terms and conditions and sign off with an electronic signature.

Now select the "Activate Service" button and you will be directed back to the customer dashboard.

You are now on the fast track for AirSatOne service. An AirSatOne representative should be contacting you shortly regarding you order.

Thanks for choosing AirSatOne!

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