Special Mission Satcom - SwiftBroadband and SB-UAV BLOS & Video

Special Mission Satcom - SwiftBroadband and SB-UAV BLOS & Video

AirSatOne provides special mission SatCom solutions for airborne assets including manned aircraft, helicopters, UAV's and Drones. We provide connectivity for real time streaming video, images, file transfer, beyond line-of-site (BLOS) command and control, real time feed from onboard sensors along with email, standard internet connectivity and voice communications. With our strategic partnerships we offer solutions allowing aircraft and UAV's to transmit video using a connection as low as 232 kbps - AirSatOne delivers end-to-end solutions.

Hybrid Satellite / Terrestrial Connectivity

AirSatOne provides secure and optimized hybrid satellite / terrestrial connectivity solutions that are flexible, scalable and customized to meet the needs of the customer and mission with:

  • IP-Sec: cost-effective and easy-to-install interconnection via IP-Sec encryption technology over the Internet
  • Leased line: dedicated point-to-point terrestrial line with guaranteed bandwidth for high-speed applications
  • MPLS: virtual point-to-point terrestrial link with guaranteed bandwidth for high-quality applications and QoS management

Flightstream™ SA

Our Flightstream SA service is included and provides web filtering, compression, data management and consumption tracking features. Of importance for Special Mission & BLOS operators is our network traffic control features. Traffic control enables filters and rules, including prioritization, for traffic crossing our network and acts on both incoming and outgoing traffic. Predefined filters are available which have a preconfigured set of rules containing combinations of the most common IP protocols and services used for satellite communications. Customization of filters is also available for traffic control and includes all necessary flexibility. Protocols are available for the creation of traffic profiles based on network layer 3 protocols (ICMP), layer 4 protocols (UDP, TCP), or tunneling protocols (ESP, AH, GRE). Traffic prioritization is available to make sure high priority data reaches the Satcom terminal even in situations where 100% of the allocated downstream network bandwidth is being used. Flightstream SA prioritization allows the users to define how the received traffic will be treated and allows the user to qualify the priority class of a given traffic profile and assign a bandwidth percentage to each priority class. To learn more visit our Flightstream SA web page.

Video and Still Images Though Satcom

AirSatOne can support the delivery of video from or to the aircraft through the Satcom System, Cellular Networks or Microwave Downlink. Visit our Special Mission Video page for more information.

Supported Customers:
  • Manned aircraft and helicopters
  • UAV's
  • Intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR)
  • Oil and Gas
  • Pipeline Patrol
  • Border Security
  • Drone
  • Surveillance
  • Emergency Services

Specialized UAV Satcom Hardware:

SB-UAV Airtime Price guide for the AVIATOR UAV 200 (Class 4 Service).

Aviation FLIR

Hybrid Interconnectivity

Airtime Price Guides