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AirSatOne is a top-tier Satcom Service Provider for Aviation. AirSatOne's custom network is strategically located around the globe for efficient handling of data to reduce time, distance traveled and to reduce hops and latency. Our backbone and its efficiency matter to the passengers on your aircraft.

Setting up your SatCom service with AirSatOne is easy. If you have existing service with a competitor, there is no need to change or add hardware on your aircraft. Unlike our competition, we offer SwiftBroadband activations (including expedited activations) at no charge to our customers - we love new business. Contact us to get your aircraft connected!

With AirSatOne as your service provider you get more with:

  • Network security, advanced firewall, web filtering, web compression, consumption tracking through our Flightstream™ SA service which is included in every plan.
  • Advanced security, hybrid satellite/terrestrial connectivity, streaming surveillance media and encryption is available through our Special Mission services.
  • Smart Call VOIP allows passengers and crew to make and receive text and calls on their own smart phone using the same phone number they use every day - our competition requires a special app and a different phone number. Smart Call VOIP does not require hardware, special apps or another phone number and there are no monthly fees.
  • Charter customer billback is through our Flightstream™ SA service.
  • Datalink: FANS 1/A, CPDLC, AFIS/ACARS, ATM/ANS with connection to both ARINC and SITA through our Flight Deck Connect™ services.
  • Fleetwide SatCom management through our Flightstream™ SA service and share airtime between aircraft in the fleet with our Fleet Services.
  • Flightstream AOC Wi-Fi router to speed up your aircraft internet.

Features and Benefits Table:

To download the correct Satcom price guide for SwiftBroadband you will need to know the type of system installed on your aircraft - the easiest way to tell what type is installed on your aircraft is by the antenna; we have pictures of antennae's below. If you are not sure, feel free to contact us.

Low Gain SwiftBroadband SB200 (Class 15) Price Guide

Low Gain Antennas:

SB200 systems can be identified by the blade style low gain antenna mounted on top of the fuselage. The antenna is approximately 13 1/2 inches long, 3 inches wide and 4 inches tall.

Systems include but not limited to:
Model Manufacturer
Aviator 200 Cobham / Thrane & Thrane
SB200 SwiftBroadband System Cobham
Aviator 200S Cobham
Aviator 200SP Cobham
Aspire 200/250LG Honeywell
AeroWave 100 BendixKing
SwiftBroadband Low Gain Class 15 Satcom Antenna with dimensions.

SwiftBroadband Price Guide

This price guide if for both Intermediate Gain and High Gain SwiftBroadband systems.

Intermediate Gain Systems

Intermediate Gain Antennas:

SwiftBroadband Intermediate Gain Class 7 Satcom Antenna. IGA-5006 top and IGA-5001 bottom with dimensions. Intermediate gain systems (SBB Class 7) can be identified by the antenna which is typically mounted on top of the fuselage and can be a teardrop or flat style antenna. These antennae's are approximately 22 to 23 inches in length 6 to 7 inches wide. Teardrop style antennae's are approximately 5" tall and the flat style is approximately 2 inches tall.

Systems include but not limited to:
Model Manufacturer
Aviator 300 Cobham / Thrane & Thrane
Aviator 300D Cobham
Aviator 300SP Cobham
SB300 SwiftBroadband System Cobham
SB600 SwiftBroadband System Cobham
Aspire 200/250IG Honeywell
Honeywell Aspire 400 IGA Honeywell
TopFlight Satcom with Intermediate Gain Antenna Thales

High Gain Systems

High Gain Antennas:

SwiftBroadband High Gain Class 6 Satcom Antenna with dimensions. High gain systems (SBB Class 6) can be identified by the antenna which is typically mounted on top of the tail under the radome. Antennae's also exist that are mounted on the fuselage and are typically very large, this style of antenna is typical for large business jets and commercial aircraft that have more real-estate available for mounting.

Systems include but not limited to:
Model Manufacturer
Aviator 350 Cobham / Thrane & Thrane
Aviator 700, Aviator 700D & Aviator 700E Cobham / Thrane & Thrane
Aviator 400SP, Aviator 600SP, Aviator 800SP, Aviator 1600SP Cobham
SB400 SwiftBroadband System Cobham
SB800 SwiftBroadband System Cobham
SAT-906, SAT-906B, SAT-2100B, SAT-6000, SAT-6100 with HST-2110B Rockwell Collins
SAT-2200 Rockwell Collins
Aspire 200/250HG Honeywell
Aspire 400 HGA Honeywell
MCS-3000, MCS-4000, MCS-4200, MCS-6000, HD-710, HS-720 HSU. Honeywell
MCS-7000, MCS-7120, MCS-7200, HSD-440, MCS-7147, MCS-7163, HD-710, HS-720 HSU Honeywell
HSD-400, HSD-440 Honeywell / EMS
TopFlight Satcom with High Gain Antenna Thales

Swiftbroadband SB200

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Flight Deck Datalink

Flight Deck Datalink Solutions

AirSatOne's Flight Deck Connect™ provides World-Wide Datalink for AFIS/ACARS, FANS 1/A and VDL Mode 2 through the Iridium, Inmarsat and VHF networks.


Flight Deck Datalink Solutions

Take control of your Satcom internet service by using one of our customized solutions. Speed up your internet and manage your connection with a full set of web filtering, compression, management, and consumption tracking features

ASO Smart Call

Flight Deck Datalink Solutions

Smart Call Plus assigns a 10-digit terrestrial number to the aircraft allowing you to dial a local number. Smart Call allows the user to dial a 1-800 number to initiate a call to the aircraft.

Special Mission Satcom

Special Mission Satcom

AirSatOne provides Satcom connectivity with secure and optimized hybrid satellite/terrestrial connectivity solutions for special mission aircraft - both manned aircraft and unmanned UAV's.