Inmarsat's new SB200 Class 4 / SB-UAV service & price guide.

Inmarsat Class 4 for Safety Services and UAV Operations - AirSatOne

Inmarsat's new SB200 Class 4 / SB-UAV service offered by AirSatOne supports safety services, multivoice, helicopter and UAV / Drone operations. New hardware developed to work on this service is more compact and lighter weight and has improved satellite visibility which allows connectivity down to 5 degrees elevation.

Class 4 / SB-UAV offers a single channel connection for data service up 200kbps and streaming up to 32kbps.

Network Security

For communications security this service is compatible with government-grade encryption and secure communications standards, including STU-IIIb, STE, Taclane, KIV-7 and Brent. For enhanced connection security AirSatOne can provide custom solutions with our Special Mission Satcom Solutions.

Safety Services / FANS 1/A / Flight Crew Training

For Safety Services applications AirSatOne can provide world-wide Datalink connectivity for FANS 1/A (ADS-C & CPDLC), CNS/ATM, Datalink & AFIS / ACARS through our Flight Deck Connect™ service.

Supported Hardware
  • Cobham Aviator 200S
    CSDU (Compact Satellite Data Unit) SDU-5045A, HELGA (HLD & Enhanced Low Gain Antenna) LGA-5005A & SCM (SDU Configuration Module) SCM-5055A.
  • Cobham AVIATOR UAV 200 Terminal.

Flight Deck Datalink

Flight Deck Datalink Solutions

AirSatOne's Flight Deck Connect™ provides World-Wide Datalink for AFIS/ACARS, FANS 1/A and VDL Mode 2 through the Iridium, Inmarsat and VHF networks.

Price Guide SB200 Class 4

FANS 1/A Testing & Training

FANS 1/A Testing & Training

AirSatOne provides FANS 1/A testing, STC Support and Pilot Training. We can provide real time live testing over the SITA global network to support FANS STC's, on site consulting and train the flight crew to operate the system in FANS Airspace.

Special Mission Satcom

Special Mission Satcom

AirSatOne provides Satcom connectivity with secure and optimized hybrid satellite/terrestrial connectivity solutions for special mission aircraft - both manned aircraft and unmanned UAV's.