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Fleet Services for Iridium, Inmarsat - Voice, Datalink, Broadband.

Air Sat One's Fleet Services is designed for customers operating 2 or more aircraft registered to the same corporate entity to enjoy the benefits of a Shared Corporate Allowance Plan. Air Sat One's Shared Corporate Allowance Plans (ASO-SCAP) allows operators to buy bulk airtime at a lower price point and to share the airtime between aircraft in the fleet.

Fleet operators can take control of their data usage by utilizing our free Flightstream™ SA service. Consumption can be managed by blocking high content web sites, animated media and limiting downloaded file sizes. Automated notifications can be sent by email when consumption event takes place so the flight crew and/or ground operations can take appropriate action such as advising passengers, shutting off internet or billing for excessive usage. Options are available to automatically suspend service when the system detects runaway data usage. Passengers can be made aware of data usage and its cost by use of pop-up windows on their devices. Changes can be made to a single aircraft, an entire fleet or a group of aircraft in the fleet and can be made at any time, from the ground, eliminating the need to have technicians access the aircraft. Flightstream™ SA does not require hardware or software to be installed on the aircraft or personal devices.

Corporate Flight Departments, fractional providers and charter operators are able to get their entire fleet connected to Iridium and Inmarsat and track real-time usage per flight, per aircraft or over any given period of time allowing passenger bill back or interdepartmental billing.

Air Sat One offers Fleet Services that can be pre-paid monthly, quarterly or yearly. Quarterly plans will allow rollover of airtime from month to month within the quarterly period; Yearly plans will allow rollover of airtime from month to month within the yearly period. Pre-paid quarterly and yearly plans allow the fleet operator more flexibility for airtime usage by allowing rollover airtime within that period for times when flying time may be high or may be limited due to scheduling or aircraft downtime due to maintenance needs.

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ASO WorldTrack

Track your aircraft assets

Air Sat One's WorldTrack is an optional service that allows our customers to track their aircraft(s) anywhere in the world both privately and securely, whether it is in the air or on the ground.

Monitor your aircraft location and flight path, in real time and historically, overlaid on a map or satellite image. Position reports can also be forwarded to 3rd parties such as government agencies, USFS, GIS Mapping or other custom mapping services.

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ASO SmartConnect

SmartConnect by Air Sat One

Adding Air Sat One SmartConnect (ASO-SC) to your airtime services enables our customers to take advantage of our exclusive VOIP PBX system, allowing one number dialing via a domestic telephone number with the option for a toll free number.

ASO-SC takes advantage of the latest VOIP technology which allows us to offer a virtual office PBX system for your aircraft operations.

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