Iridium Satcom for Aircraft

Iridium Satcom Solutions and Price Guide for Aviation

Iridium Airtime & Hardware

ASO offers Iridium service plans for aircraft from a single engine piston to globally operated business jets. We allow you to custom tailor your airtime needs with the largest range of service plans in the industry. Whether you want a simple pay as you go plan or share a pool of minutes between a fleet of aircraft, ASO has you covered. Our Flex Plan allows you to upgrade or downgrade your service plans, so you don't have to worry about getting locked into a plan that doesn't fit your airtime needs.

AirSatOne offers Customer Support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by phone, email or on-site: We are there when you need us.

ASO provides portable Iridium hardware solutions for customers that need mobile communications where traditional services are unreliable or non-existent, however remote the location. Visit our product section and choose from a number of transceivers and other hardware solutions.

Iridium Services & Options


Our Iridium voice service connects you to reliable voice services anywhere in the world from the North Pole, South Pole and anywhere in between. Iridium voice allows the Flight Crew and Passengers to stay connected, everywhere

Adding AirSatOne Smart Connect (ASO-SC) to your airtime services allows the user to take advantage of our exclusive VOIP PBX system. ASO-SC takes advantage of the latest VOIP technology which allows us to offer a virtual office PBX system for your aircraft operations. ASO-SC offers advanced feature allowing callers can reach different phone stations on the aircraft, flight crew cell phones, home phones, key maintenance personnel and dispatch.

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AFIS (Airborne Flight Information) / ACARS (Aircraft Communications Addressing and Reporting System) deliver important information to and from the aircraft reducing the crew's workload. VHF Ground stations are typically installed at International Airports; Business Aircraft are often out of range of these VHF Stations when on the ground or when flying in remote and oceanic areas. Using the Iridium network and AFIS/ACARS capable equipment such as the FMS, CDU, DMU or CMU and an AFIS/ACARS capable Iridium Transceiver allows standalone AFIS/ACARS worldwide service or continued coverage when out of range of a VHF AFIS ground station.

Ground to Air & Air to Ground communications include: Text Messages, ATIS/TWIP, Flight Planning, D-ATIS (Digital ATIS), Flight Plan Winds Update, Graphical and Textural Weather, OOI (Out, Off, On, In) Reports, Pre-Departure Clearance & Oceanic Clearance. FANS 1/A also uses the ACARS system but specific hardware must be present and approved on the flight deck. Need more info on FANS 1/A?

AirSatOne airtime solutions include access to AFIS/ACARS, Flight Planning Services and many 3rd Part Flight Support Services.

Flight Following

AirSatOne provides different levels of Flight Following services. Aircraft position information can be sent to 3rd parties such as the USFS (Unites States Forest Service), Flight Support Companies, AOC Center, Dispatch, Government Agencies, highly specialized mapping and tracking systems or via our exclusive ASO WorldTrack System.

A flight following capable system must have the ability to accept a position source input or the system must have its own internal GPS receiver. Systems without a dedicated internal GPS receiver typically receive GPS position inputs through an ARINC 429 connection or a RS232 input.

Flight Following Service through ASO or a 3rd party can be chosen when activating a system or it can be added at a later date through account holder's dashboard.

FANS over Iridium (FOI)

The FAA has endorsed use of the Iridium satellite data service for air traffic control (ATC) communications in oceanic airspace, providing airlines and business jet operators with what is considered a low-cost solution for Future Air Navigation System (FANS) DataLink messaging. FANS over Iridium offers global coverage including continued operations over the poles for long haul aircraft. Aircraft operationally approved for FANS are exempt from upcoming EASA mandates.

More on FANS.

ASO Smart Connect

ASO-SC (AirSatOne Smart Connect) allows one number calling via a domestic telephone number with the option for a toll free number. By taking advantage of the latest technology and VOIP AirSatOne offers a virtual office PBX system for your aircraft. ASO-SC offers advanced features allowing callers to reach different phone stations on the aircraft, flight crew cell phones, home phones, key maintenance personnel and dispatch.


Iridium Flight DataLink is the term used for a number of services that rely on data communications to and from the aircraft, through the Iridium Satellite, Ground system and then on to different providers that AirSatOne manages through our system and/or servers.

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Data can be sent over Iridium using a Voice Transceiver or an Iridium Short Burst Data Transceiver. An Iridium Voice Transceiver supports data connections at up to 10 kilobits/sec, which utilizes v.42bis compression over a PPP dialup connection to Iridium's Arizona gateway. An Iridium SBD Transceiver can be used for sending and receiving short data bursts, less than 2 kilobytes at a time. This service is often used for asset tracking and remote monitoring including remotely located seismic sensors, motion sensors and tamper detection devices.

Iridium SBD (Short Burst Data)

Iridium SBD is used to efficiently send and receive data through a dedicated SBD Transceiver.

Iridium SBD transmitters can be packaged in a unit that also includes voice communications or it can be packaged as a standalone transceiver. Aviation units with SBD are typically packaged with one or two voice transceivers. Aviation systems intended to operate AFIS/ACARS are typically connected to the aircraft Flight Management System via an ARINC 429 Data Buss. Some aviation systems intended to operate as a Flight Following system only (non AFIS/ACARS) can be connected to a GPS receiver via an RS232 data bus, ARINC 429 data bus or they can also include their own internal GPS receiver. Portable units typically contain an internal GPS receiver.

Iridium SBD (Short Burst Data) service is required for:

  • FANS 1/A
  • Position Reporting to 3rd party mapping or tracking services
  • AirSatOne World Tracker (ASO-WT)
  • USFS (United States Forrest Service) AFF (Automated Flight Following) or other Forest Service Agencies
  • OOOI Reports (Out of Gate, Off Ground, On Ground and In Gate)
  • Remote Located Seismic Sensors, Motion Sensors, Tamper Detection Devices that use Iridium SBD for sending detection messages.
  • Other miscellaneous data being transmitted and received through an Iridium SBD transceiver.


Iridium Fax service can be sent from the aircraft-to-ground or ground-to-aircraft anywhere in the world provided the aircraft is equipped with a Fax capable Iridium Transceiver, fax machine and activation of Fax service through AirSatOne. By using store and forward technology the fax message is stored in a server and delivered to the aircraft when the Iridium system is on-line and connected to the Iridium network. Delivery confirmation is sent to the transmitting party whether it came from the aircraft or a ground based fax machine allowing confirmation of a successful transmission.

Fax service is also available to other Iridium systems (portable and installed) by using a Fax Adapter with Iridium Fax Service allowing a fax to be sent or received anywhere in the world, via a Group 3 fax machine connected to an Iridium phone. The Fax Adapter is a small hardware device that operates as an intermediary between a Group 3 fax machine and an Iridium phone (ISU orLBT).

Iridium Aviation Hardware Guide
Manufacturer Model Part Number Description
Aircell ST 3100 400-10680-001 1 Iridium Voice Channel
Aircell Axxess II ST 4200 P12023-001 2 Iridium Voice Channels
ICG ICS-100 500616-2 1 Iridium Voice Channel
ICG ICS-100 500616-3 1 Iridium Voice Channel with Fax modem
ICG ICS-200 500617 2 Iridium Voice Channels
ICG ICS-200 500617-2 Dual channel Iridium for voice & data
ICG ICS-200 500617-2-1 Dual channel Iridium for voice & data, credit card enabled
ICG ICS-200 500617-3 Dual channel Iridium with fax option
ICG ICS-200 500617-4 Dual channel Iridium with ACARS/weather graphic services
ICG ICS-200 500617-5 Dual channel Iridium with ACARS/weather graphic services/fax/data option
ICG ICS-120A 710616-1 1 Iridium Voice Channel & 1 SBD for FANS 1/A (CPDLC & ADS-C) & ACARS
ICG ICS-120A 710616-2 1 Iridium Voice Channel & 1 SBD for FANS 1/A (CPDLC & ADS-C) & ACARS
ICG ICS-220A 710617-1 2 Iridium Voice Channels & 1 SBD for FANS 1/A (CPDLC & ADS-C) & ACARS
ICG ICS-220A 710617-2 2 Iridium Voice Channels & 1 SBD for FANS 1/A (CPDLC & ADS-C) & ACARS
ICG ICS-120B 720616-2 1 Iridium Voice Channel
ICG ICS-220B 720617-2 2 Iridium Voice Channels
ICG ICS-120BF 730616-2 1 Iridium Voice Channel & Fax Modem
ICG ICS-220BF 730617-2 2 Iridium Voice Channels & Fax Modem
ICG ICS-220AF 740617-2 2 Iridium Voice Channels & 1 SBD for FANS 1/A (CPDLC & ADS-C) & ACARS & Fax Modem
ICG ICS-400 400000-0-000 4 Iridium Voice Channels
ICG ICS-400 400000-0-001 4 Iridium Voice Channels with CEPT-E1
ICG ICS-400 400000-0-010 4 Iridium Voice Channels with ACARS
ICG ICS-400 400000-0-011 4 Iridium Voice Channels with ACARS & CEPT-E1
ICG ICS-400 400000-0-100
ICG ICS-400 400000-0-101
ICG ICS-400 400000-0-110
ICG CIM 327000 Configuration Identity Module or CIM Module
ICG CIM 329100 CIM Reader with tether
ICG Sigma 7 500905-11-12-1 Telephone Handset
ICG Jetphone 938801A-B Jetphone
ICG Jetphone 938811A-B 2-Wire Jetphone
ICG Jetphone 938810A-B 4-Wire Jetphone
ICG DECT 463092-110 Cordless Handset
ICG DECT 463092-120 Wireless Handset Cradle
ICG DECT 463092-230 Wireless Handset Base Unit
ICG ePhone 962100 Handset
ICG ePhone 962101 Base Station
ICG ePhone 962102 Docking Station
ICG ePhone 962106 Bulkhead Cradle
GoGo ST 4300 P17500-001 1 Iridium Voice Channel
GoGo ST 4300 P17500-002 2 Iridium Voice Channels
GoGo ST 4300 P17500-003 3 Channel Iridium Transceiver
Rockwell Collins IRT-2110 822-2834-001 1 Iridium Voice Channel & 1 SBD for FANS 1/A (CPDLC & ADS-C) & ACARS
Rockwell Collins IRT-2110 822-2834-002 1 Iridium Voice Channel & 1 SBD for FANS 1/A (CPDLC & ADS-C) & ACARS
Rockwell Collins IRT-2110 822-2834-003 1 Iridium Voice Channel & 1 SBD for FANS 1/A (CPDLC & ADS-C) & ACARS and ATS Safety Voice
Rockwell Collins IRT-2120 822-2835-002 2 Iridium Voice Channel & 1 SBD for FANS 1/A (CPDLC & ADS-C) & ACARS
Rockwell Collins IRT-2120 822-2835-003 2 Iridium Voice Channel & 1 SBD for FANS 1/A (CPDLC & ADS-C) & ACARS and ATS Safety Voice
Rockwell Collins ICM-2100 822-2836-001 Iridium Configuration Module or CIM Module

ICG Sigma 7 Handsets
Part Number Part Number
500040-00-00-1 500040-00-00
500040-00-01 500040-00-02
500040-00-02-1 500040-20-02
500040-00-20 500066-0
500040-00-22 500066-1
500040-00-32 500066-2
500040-00-33 500066-3
500040-00-40-1 500905-10-10-1
500040-00-42-1 500905-10-10-1Z
500040-00-43-1 500905-10-10
500040-10-11 500905-10-11-1
500040-10-12 500905-10-12-1
500040-11-10 500905-10-12
500040-11-11 500905-20-01-1
500040-11-12 500905-20-02-1
500040-20-00 500905-20-40-1
500040-20-01 500905-20-41-1
500041-00-00 500905-20-42-1
500041-00-01 744000-00-00
500041-00-02 744000-00-02
500041-00-03 744000-10-10
500041-10-01 744000-10-11
500041-10-02 744000-10-12
500041-10-03 744000-20-00
500044-00-00-1 744000-20-02

ICG DECT Cordless Handsets

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AirSatOne's Flight Deck Connect™ provides World-Wide Datalink for AFIS/ACARS, FANS 1/A and VDL Mode 2 through the Iridium, Inmarsat and VHF networks.

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