Frequently Asked Questions - AirSatOne

Frequently Asked Questions - AirSatOne

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Service Activation

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Flightstream AOC

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What is SwiftBroadband?

What is SwiftBroadband?

SatCom; what is it?

This FAQ addresses SatCom in general but is geared towards SatCom for aviation.

What is CPDLC

What CPDLC is and most importly - what CPDLC is not.

Cost of Flight Planning Apps

How much Satcom data does Flight Planning Apps consume, and how much does it cost?

Flight planning apps include ARINCDirect, ForeFlight, Garmin Pilot, and Jeppesen Mobile Flight Deck.  These flight planning apps can use anywhere from 60


Wi-Fi Calling in an aircraft

Wi-Fi Calling in an aircraft

What is CPDLC-DCL?

CPDLC-DCL is an acronym for Controller Pilot Datalink Communication - Departure Clearance.

·         CPDLC-DCL is a Domestic USA service using the FANS 1/A system.

·         CPDLC-DCL is available through AirSatOne using our Datalink Service.