Satcom Airtime Price Guide for the Cobham Aviator 350

Satcom Airtime Price Guide for the Cobham Aviator 350

Air Sat One provides connectivity for the Aviator 350 Satcom system. The Aviator 350 used a high gain antenna and connects to the Inmarsat Satellites using SwiftBroadband Class 6 service designed for aviation use.

The Aviator 350 Capabilities:

  • World wide Wi-Fi connectivity except for the extreme poles.
  • Background IP (basic internet connectivity) up to 432 Kbps.
  • X-Stream premium streaming connectivity up to 450 kbps for video and special applications.
  • High-quality voice telephone service.

** This system does not provide datalink capability for CPDLC, ADS-C, or FANS 1/A. The following Cobham satcom terminals are capable of datalink: Aviator 300D, Aviator 350D, Aviator 200S, Aviator 700D, and the Aviator 700S.

Aviator 350 Components
MODEL Part Number Image
HGA-6000 Antenna 405009A-001
HGA-6000 Satcom Antenna
HGA-6500 Antenna 405109A-002
HGA-6500 Satcom Antenna
HGA-7001 Antenna 405017A
HGA-7001 Satcom Antenna
SwiftBroadband Unit (SBU) 405040A
405040A SwiftBroadband Unit (SBU) Satcom Terminal
High Power Amplifier, Low Noise Amplifier and Diplexer (HLD) 405016A
405016A High Power Amplifier/Low Noise Amplifier/Diplexer (HLD)
Configuration Module (CM) 405040A-001
405040A-001 Configuration Module

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