Satcom Video for FLIR and UAV's

Satcom Video for FLIR and UAV's

AirSatOne has video transmission solutions using BLOS (beyond line of sight) SatCom links for UAV's, Helicopters and Fixed Wing Aircraft. We don't make the camera, but we can remotely control the camera, take the video feed from the camera, process it onboard for video and image management, provide ground to air user interface and then send the video through the Satcom pipe using high performance self-adjusting (or manual) Satcom specific CODEC. Software configurations are available for manned aircraft, unmanned aircraft, different camera systems and network links to include cellular, microwave downlink and a multitude of satellite connectivity platforms.

AirSatOne is an authorized AnsuR RADIO reseller and support center. By choosing AirSatOne as your AnsuR RADIO supplier and Satcom airtime services provider you get our exclusive Flightstream™ SA. which includes network traffic control with prioritization allowing the user to define priority classes to streaming video, flight controls and other mission critical data communications. Flightstream™ SA also includes a high-end firewall and filtering features and with AirSatOne's Special Mission Satcom solutions we can provide hybrid satellite / terrestrial connectivity with IP-Sec, Leased Line or MPLS.

The AnsuR RADIO product line provides real-time visual communications sharing whereas observations are pushed using minimum data to preview photos, video storyboard or live streaming. With Focus Capacity the user can zoom in on relevant content, using AnsuR's Interactive Communication, for high quality close up's without having to transmit the entire area in the optical view of the camera which saves data usage and keeps the required bandwidth to a minimum. Interaction, control and image viewing can be at an office desk or a ground station - anywhere connectivity is available.

The RADIO solution consists or software for the airborne platform loaded on a mobile mini PC and software for a ground server - use our ground server or supply your own.

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