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AirSatOne announced lower rates for SwiftBroadband.

Date Published: 2014-04-24 Date Modified: 2015-04-21

AirSatOne announced lower rates for SwiftBroadband, activations & data management at no charge.

AirSatOne released their new price guides for SwiftBroadband that offers lower price points with no long-term commitments. Standard activation and expedited activations are free of charge and includes up to 10 MB of data for testing. Heavy data consumers also have plans available with rates further reduced.  Price guides are online and can be viewed or downloaded on AirSatOne’s web site. Fleet pricing is available upon request, and allows operators to buy bulk airtime at even lower price points and to share airtime between aircraft in the fleet.

“Doing a price comparison for a customer using approximately 1,000 MB data a month on a high gain system reveals a savings of $15,000 a year,” said Jo Kremsreiter President of AirSatOne. He also added, “We also use a much more robust network designed by Astrium, the same company that built the satellites. By utilizing this backbone, we are able to provide connectivity through custom ground stations which use much more advanced networking technology. While doing this is more expensive, we feel the benefit to our customers outweighs the cost and provides a competitive advantage”

In addition to lower data rates, AirSatOne is offering FlightStream SA service at no additional charge. FlightStream SA does not require hardware or software to be installed on the aircraft, is designed to simplify management of inflight internet services, and offers a full set of web filtering, compression and data management features that can be turned on or off and changed at any time without having to gain access to the aircraft. Changes can be made to single aircraft or wholesale to an entire fleet or groups of aircraft in the fleet. Fleet operators have the option of creating virtual groups of aircraft for simple and quick account management and to administer internet policies to the group. The service also allows the ability to analyze traffic usage, both near real-time and historical, and instantly block high bandwidth sites that are causing excessive data usage. FlightStream SA is deployed worldwide on internet point-of-presence located at or near satellite earth stations allowing the most efficient handling of data going to and from the aircraft. Our internet point-of-presence are located in New York City (USA), London (UK), Amsterdam (NL), Aussaguel (FR), Oslo (NO) and Hong Kong (CN).  

Price guides can be viewed and downloaded on AirSatOne’s web site at any time at: