Cost of Flight Planning Apps - AirSatOne

Cost of Flight Planning Apps - AirSatOne

How much Satcom data do Flight Planning Apps consume, and how much does it cost?

Flight planning apps include ARINCDirect, ForeFlight, Garmin Pilot, and Jeppesen Mobile Flight Deck.  These flight planning apps can use anywhere from 60 Megabytes to 120 Megabytes an hour, depending on active weather layers and other live feeds. If you are on AirSatOne’s 500 MB a month plan and using Wi-Fi for your flight planning app, it will cost around $290 to $590 an hour for data usage. Hopefully, in the future, flight planning providers will optimize their apps to use less data over Satcom or “metered connections.”  

*** Just before your flight, connect to a local unmetered hotspot, open your flight planning app and update your database, charts, and download weather and other info along the flight path. Do not attempt to do this when connected to the aircraft's Wi-Fi network - the cost will be excessive, and it will most likely tie up all bandwidth for quite some time. MAKE SURE ALL MOBILE DEVICES HAVE THEIR WI-FI SET TO LOW DATA MODE OR METERED NETWORK.

When flying USA domestic, there are other sources of live weather feeds through ADS-B IN and XM Weather that can be taken advantage of. Whats the difference between Sirius XM Weather and ADS-B IN?

When flying internationally, having the ability to have a live feed over Satcom to your flight planning app is a safety feature and highly desirable; the flight crew can see weather along the entire flight path and make changes to the route as the flight progresses. A smooth & safe ride means happy passengers – these are important points to get across to the principals. Most business jets have Datalink (AFIS / ACARS) and can get weather information on their FMS, but weather through Datalink is slow and antiquated, portable EFB’s connected to the aircraft Satcom system is a better choice.  

Our Flightstream SA service can allow Flight Planning apps to pass through your aircrafts internet service, or they can be blocked – all this can be configured remotely through our portal without having to gain access to the aircraft and can be done at any time. Once the Satcom system is turned on, the new settings will be waiting to be applied.



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