What is CPDLC-DCL? - AirSatOne

What is CPDLC-DCL? - AirSatOne

Who manages CPDLC-DCL and who do we contact if the system is not working properly?

The FAA is deploying CPDLC-DCL throughout the USA, and Harris Corporation is the prime contractor selected to implement the service. AirSatOne provides activation and connectivity through our Datalink services.

If you have issues with the service and AirSatOne is your provider, contact us via our 24/7 support phone or email address. AirSatOne can research your datalink logs end-to-end through our FANS 1/A dedicated servers and/or through the CPDLC-DCL network to determine the cause of the problem. All other CPDLC-DCL users with issues can contact Harris Corporation via email at opr@harris(dot com).  

What does CPDLC-DCL do for me?

The CPDLC-DCL system delivers departure clearances (both initial and revised) to your FMS. Messages are delivered over VHF Data Link Mode 2 directly to the aircraft or over Satcom through AirSatOne's Datalink service. Your aircraft must be FANS 1/A equipped.


Where can I find more information about CPDLC-DCL

The FAA selected Harris Corp as the prime contractor for implementing US Domestic CPDLC-DCL, so we recommend visiting the L3Harris website that is dedicated to this service:




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