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Satcom voice

Satcom voice
Satcom voice
Iridium and SwiftBroadband Phone and Voice Solutions - Air Sat One

Place calls to anyone, anywhere.

Whether at cruising altitude over the Atlantic or preparing for takeoff in Tokyo your passengers and flight crew can place Satcom calls to anyone - anywhere in the world.

ASO allows you to custom tailor your Satcom airtime needs with the most available packages in the industry. Plans are available for pay as you go or take advantage of savings through monthly, quarterly or annual billing. Air Sat One also offers even more savings for fleet operators with discounted price points and allowing airtime to be shared between aircraft in the fleet.

Air Sat One enhances Satcom voice with Smart Call Plus and Smart Call. Smart Call Plus assigns a 10-digit terrestrial number to the aircraft allowing you to dial a local number from your country to make a phone call to your aircraft. We can typically provide a prefix that matches your corporate headquarters anywhere in the world. Smart Call allows the user to dial a 1-800 number to initiate a call to the aircraft. We have 1-800 numbers available in 21 countries and additional local access numbers in 12 countries.


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Activate Aircraft Voice Service

Air Sat One offers voice services to customers with Inmarsat and Iridium compatible Satcom equipment. Activate an account today, tell us about you aircraft and equipment and activate your service with Air Sat One.

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