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Surf the Internet at broadband speeds

Surf the Internet at broadband speeds on the ground and in the air anywhere in the world. Whether you have a single aircraft or a fleet, you can get connected fast and easy with ASO Internet and Data Solutions.

ASO allows you to custom tailor your airtime needs with the most available packages in the industry. Plans are available for pay as you go or take advantage of savings through monthly, quarterly or annual billing. AirSatOne also offers even more savings for fleet operators with discounted price points and allowing airtime to be shared between aircraft in the fleet.

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About Inmarsat SwiftBroadband

Broadband connectivity

SwiftBroadband offers the first fully IP-based, high-speed data service offering broadband in-flight connectivity including both cockpit communications and cabin applications, including in-flight telephony, VoIP, text messaging, email, internet and VPN access, as well as flight plan, weather and chart updates. In addition, SwiftBroadband provides a platform for a variety of applications and IFE solutions. SwiftBroadband aircraft avionics is available from multiple vendors and utilizes a high or intermediate-gain antenna, SwiftBroadband 200 utilizes a low-gain antenna. SwiftBroadband allow simultaneous users concurrent access to demanding applications. Data rates can be increased further by using compression and multiple data channels.

  • High throughput speed up to 432 kbps over a shared channel for seamless broadband connection.
  • Throughput speed up to 864 kbps by bonding 2 channels of SwiftBroadband.
  • Streaming IP: guaranteed on-demand data rates of up to 256 kbps for live video/audio applications.
  • Simultaneous voice, data & fax communications. Standalone or simultaneous operation with Inmarsat Aero H/H+ and Swift services. Compatible with many in-flight crew and passenger applications.
  • ISDN: supports ISDN at 64 kbps and 3.1 kHz audio for legacy applications.
  • SMS text: send and receive text messages up to 160 characters per message
  • Secure: compatible with government-grade encryption and secure communications standards, including Taclane, KIV-7 and Brent.

About Inmarsat Swift 64

Swift 64 is an aeronautical communications service that offers high quality data, voice, and fax at speeds up to 64 kbps using Mobile ISDN & Mobile Packet Data Service (MPDS). Mobile ISDN is a dedicated Single Channel per Carrier (SCPC) service that enables quick transfer of large data files, high-speed data applications, such as access to crew e-mail, arrival gate and connection information, and graphical weather charts, contributing significantly to airline operations and inflight business communications. MPDS uses Internet Protocol (IP) technology which is optimal for bursty data applications such as Internet access and e-mail.

  • Flexible enough to operate with almost any application supported by terrestrial-based networks.
  • Secure and reliable.
  • Compatible with Aero H/H+ aircraft antennae.
  • Operates globally within the Inmarsat spot beam coverage area.
  • Mobile ISDN Services: 64 kbps UDI, 56 kbps v.110, 3.1 kHz Audio, 64 kbps Speech

Satellite Internet Optimization

Flightstream™ SA: Compression, web filtering, traffic logging and firewall features. This is an optional service that is free and is available to all AirSatOne satellite communications subscribers. Find out more.

Flightstream™ AOC: Highly specialized aviation satellite communications router (AvSat Router) designed specifically for handling and conditioning data that is sent through SatCom system installed on the aircraft. Provides advanced firewall features, as well as web caching, tcp acceleration, web compression, content blocking, captive portal (pre-paid internet solution) and more. Find out more.

Special Applications


ipad_aircraft SwiftBroadband X-Stream by AirSatOne offers a minimum 256 kbps streaming channel for high gain SatCom systems and is available over the entire I-4 satellite footprint.

X-Stream will appeal to SwiftBroadband customers who utilise bandwidth-hungry applications, and in particular UDP applications such as video conferencing, video surveillance, streaming media and live broadcasting.

SkyFile® Video:


SkyFile® Video is an enhanced software application that allows you to capture, compress, edit and transmit video files over IP satellite terminals, no matter your location. Easy to use and offering a variety of versatile features, including a video editing tool, SkyFile Video from Vizada delivers the ultimate in video transmission performance and reliability.

Terralink™ Interconnect:


Connect your aircraft satellite terminal to your corporate headquarters creating a full-fledged mobile office environment in total security. AirSatOne has teamed up with Vizada to offer Terralink Interconnect service. Vizada's global network infrastructure has sites strategically located in major markets around the globe making it easy for customers to connect from remote locations reliably and securely: Amsterdam (The Netherlands), New York (US), Aussaguel (France), London (UK), Eik (Norway), Southbury (US, Connecticut), Santa Paula (US, California), Oslo (Norway).

Account Management

Our Dashboard feature provides an overview of communications services whether you operate one aircraft or an entire fleet and allows our customers to monitor consumption and set usage alert features.

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