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Wi-Fi Calling On Board Satcom Connected Business Jets.

Date Published: 2015-11-04 Date Modified: 2015-11-05

 Passengers and flight crew using AT&T as their carrier can now use their smart phones in flight to send and receive phone calls and text messages just like they do on the ground – using the same dial pad and phone book. The aircraft needs to be equipped with Satcom and have a Wi-Fi signal on the aircraft. AT&T is now offering Wi-Fi calling and its “baked” into the mobile phone. T-Mobile and Sprint has been doing this for some time now. Verizon is supposed to follow suit. There is no need to install expensive hardware on the aircraft and no need for special apps.

AirSatOne tested Wi-Fi calling using our FlightStream SA service. FlightStream SA frees up bandwidth by blocking advertisements and provides text and image compression. This ensures that the end-user gets the best results while using Wi-Fi calling.

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