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AirSatOne Launches Flightstream EXP Service


AirSatOne announced the launch of Flightstream EXP which provides internet acceleration, compression and optimization for business jet operators using the EMS Technologies CNX-200 or the Honeywell CG-710 cabin network accelerators. Flightstream EXP increases effective bandwidth up to 400% resulting in faster page loads and increased productivity and is being offered as a value added service at no additional cost.

The service works with smart phones, laptops, EFB’s or other mobile devices and is compatible with all the major manufacturers of Inmarsat SwiftBroadband systems and can be combined with our existing Flightstream SA which will provide an additional level of useful features such as firewall protection, lossy compression, web page blocking, content filtering, IP address management and an optional private VPN to the clients own network.

The unique characteristics of SatCom results in the user experiencing a slower connection than they may be used to when using a more traditional ground based internet connection. To get the best performance out of your SatCom system it is essential to have optimization technology running on both the ground servers and in the aircraft. This technology provides a special bi-directional service for data packaging and un-packaging while continually analyzing network changes and automatically adjusting window size for the best data transmission. These features are typically not included with the basic SatCom system and require a special router onboard the aircraft and a service provider that can supply the ground solution. Aircraft hardware such as the Honeywell CNX-200, CG-710 and AirSatOne’s Flightstream AOC provide the onboard user interface solution, software running on our servers provide the terrestrial interface solution. SatCom users without optimization are underutilizing an expensive system and are unable to realize the full value of the equipment.

“AirSatOne released our low cost Flightstream AOC SatCom router recently and with the addition of Flightstream EXP service we are now able to offer a high end solution which allows us to cover the full range of aircraft up to a corporate Airbus or BBJ” said Jo Kremsreiter president of AirSatOne.
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About AirSatOne: AirSatOne is a privately held Delaware corporation with offices located on the Spirit of Saint Louis Airport in Chesterfield Missouri. ASO customized airtime packages and hardware solutions to Aviation, Electronic News Gathering (ENG), Search and Rescue (SAR), Emergency Response, Government Agencies all backed by 24/7 support. . AirSatOne offers satellite connection to Iridium and Inmarsat Satellite Communications Networks. We provide solutions for the Flight Deck and Cabin. Solutions include Broadband, Internet, Voice, Datalink, AFIS/ACARS and FANS 1/A. AirSatOne offers the most flexible airtime solutions in the industry.

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